Monday, September 22, 2008

I'd like to introduce you...

To my resident fuzzy-butts!

First t come live with me was the Queen Bee of the house, Miss Sprout, aka Princess Grumpybutt, and the one who really would prefer to be an only kitty:

Then we found ourselves with Miss Gonzo, aka Miss Moody, Monkeybutt, Girlie and Moogers when I was unable to resist the lure of the Worlds! Tiniest! Kitten! and brought her home with me:

Mr. Bug joined us about 3 years ago as a tiny kitten after my friend took in a stray who proceded to have kittens, and has blossomed into a fat, sweet, snuggly boy:
And finally we have Mr. Georgie Pordgie, resident snuggler, annoyerer of the girl-kitties, abuser of the pup, wild-child and knocker-over-er of all things that shouldn't be knocked over:

And our resident Poochie Pup, Miss Daphne the Doodlebutt, aka Daph-o-Dilly, aka Miss Poots, or sometimes just plain Poop. There are many other nicknames she has earned, but not all are meant to be heard in polite society. She's a mere 21 months old, not quite 2, and still very much a puppy, although her massive feet and 50-ish lbs doesn't really look it most times. I can assure you, I have quite the chewed up show collection to prove it. She's a doll though, and means well, she just can't always control or help herself.

So those are my not-so-helpfull helpers, and resident shedders. They are all quite sweet and lovable, even if they drive me bonkers most days. :)

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