Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another baby shower!

Ahh.. baby showers. I love going to them because making the stuff for them is just so fun!
Mommy-to-be got a very fun t-shirt with a cute iron-on so she can be a stylish new Mommy.

I went to a baby shower last weekend, and like any true craft-addict, I brought some lovely home-made gifts for Momma-to-be. Here is a very cute buggy security blanket - super soft flannel backed with even softer and fuzzier minky fabric, and surrounded with fun multi-colored loops of ribbon that babies just love to play with.

I also had the same woman who dyed the sling fabric dye me a couple of onsies for Momma-to-be. The green one is a 3-6 month size, and the blue is a 12 month size. Now Baby is all set with cool hippy wear for his first year. :)

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