Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Post much?

Me? No, not really. I've been busy though. I have made a whole mess if little lovey blankets lately. Ya know, the little flannel quilted blankets with ribbon loops all around the edges? I also bought a TON of felt and flannel and chenille to make quilts and felt blocks and and even more loveys. So fear not, I'm around, I've just been very, very busy.

Here is the crazy quilt I made for Melissa as a bridal shower gift:

It's not the best picture, because I didn't take a picture until right before I left for the shower. So one of these days I'll have to borrow it back and get a good clean scan of it. I really have to try harder to remember to scan these before I pack them up, huh?


Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

love it!

emily said...

i was looking for your blog from orangeposh but you don't have it linked on there! found it on mothering..i was going to tag you for the meme i posted on my blog...